I have just started this Page and some graphics
are being developed for it.  Please feel free to suggest content.    The Premise is going to be on the great divide's we have between
different sides of almost any issue.  The key phrase seems to be about building bridges to bring us together.  I still think this is the most
effective path, but may I suggest another path. 

Lets get down in the depths of the great divide, and start filling in from the bottom up. 

Perhaps it is just my lack of vision, but I see the bridges as in many cases covering up old wounds like they never happen.  If we can start at the bottom, not to take away from the bridges, but to help as well, to start to cleanse and fill in the great divide's

I think education is a good focal point for this.  If we can help by looking at what we teach our children, perhaps less on differences and more on what makes us work so well together, it is one idea of a start.

As I said, these are ideas I ponder when working on other issues, but thinking of conflicts that I have dealt with.   Israel & Palestine being a key one, and Mexico and the US as another.  Very different, but with similar results.  Drug Cartels have a vested interest in division of people, as do different actors on both sides of the Israel & Palestine issue.