I try to learn everyday, The Teaching Company is one of my resources @ http://www.thegreatcourses.com FEMA's online free courses is another @ http://training.fema.gov/is/

The following are some of the courses I have taken from the Teaching Company

Origins of Great Ancient CivilizationsAudio12 of 12 downloaded12/20/201212/20/2012
Unexpected EconomicsAudio0 of 24 downloaded---12/20/2012
Sensation, Perception, and the Aging ProcessAudio24 of 24 downloaded12/20/20129/16/2012
Origins of LifeAudio0 of 24 downloaded---7/8/2012
Art of Public SpeakingLessons from the Greatest Speeches ..Audio12 of 12 downloaded7/7/20127/8/2012
Strategic Thinking SkillsAudio24 of 24 downloaded10/18/20127/8/2012
Art of Critical Decision MakingAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/8/2011
Espionage and Covert OperationsA Global HistoryAudio24 of 24 downloaded11/8/201111/8/2011
Medical Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths:What We Think We Know..Audio1 of 24 downloaded10/12/20119/4/2011
Art of Conflict Management:Achieving Solutions for Life, W..Audio1 of 24 downloaded9/4/20119/4/2011
Philosophy of MindBrains, Consciousness, and Thinking Mac..Audio24 of 24 downloaded2/16/201111/3/2010
Thinking like an EconomistA Guide to Rational Decision Ma..Audio0 of 12 downloaded---10/27/2010
Stress and Your BodyAudio0 of 24 downloaded---10/24/2010
Iliad of HomerAudio12 of 12 downloaded3/30/201110/17/2010
Odyssey of HomerAudio12 of 12 downloaded3/30/201110/17/2010
Aeneid of VirgilAudio12 of 12 downloaded3/29/201110/17/2010
Machiavelli in ContextAudio24 of 24 downloaded3/29/201110/17/2010
Tocqueville and the American ExperimentAudio24 of 24 downloaded3/29/201110/17/2010
Great DebateAdvocates and Opponents of the American Const..Audio12 of 12 downloaded3/30/201110/17/2010
History of Hitler’s Empire, 2nd EditionAudio12 of 12 downloaded3/29/20119/19/2010
AugustinePhilosopher and SaintAudio0 of 12 downloaded---9/11/2010
Natural Law and Human NatureAudio0 of 24 downloaded---9/4/2010
FreedomThe Philosophy of LiberationAudio0 of 8 downloaded---8/14/2010
ChurchillAudio0 of 12 downloaded---8/14/2010
Must History Repeat the Great Conflicts of This Century?Audio0 of 8 downloaded---8/14/2010
Other 1492Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Making of an Empir..Audio0 of 12 downloaded---8/14/2010
Great Pharaohs of Ancient EgyptAudio0 of 12 downloaded---8/14/2010
Dead Sea ScrollsAudio0 of 24 downloaded---8/14/2010
DoctorsThe History of Scientific Medicine Revealed Throug..Audio0 of 12 downloaded---8/14/2010
Mr. LincolnThe Life of Abraham LincolnAudio0 of 12 downloaded---8/14/2010
No ExcusesExistentialism and the Meaning of LifeAudio0 of 24 downloaded---7/24/2010
Biology and Human BehaviorThe Neurological Origins of Ind..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---7/24/2010
Power over PeopleClassical and Modern Political TheoryAudio0 of 16 downloaded---7/13/2010
Great Figures of the New TestamentAudio0 of 24 downloaded---7/13/2010
Exploring the Roots of ReligionAudio0 of 36 downloaded---11/29/2009
Book of GenesisAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/29/2009
Lives of Great ChristiansAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/29/2009
Religions of the Axial AgeAn Approach to the World's Reli..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---11/21/2009
Life and Writings of C. S. LewisAudio0 of 12 downloaded---11/9/2009
Legacies of Great EconomistsAudio0 of 10 downloaded---11/9/2009
Elements of JazzFrom Cakewalks to FusionAudio0 of 8 downloaded---11/9/2009
Apostle PaulAudio0 of 12 downloaded---11/9/2009
The Catholic ChurchA HistoryAudio0 of 36 downloaded---11/9/2009
Popes and the PapacyA HistoryAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/9/2009
PassionsPhilosophy and the Intelligence of EmotionsAudio0 of 24 downloaded---9/27/2009
Business LawContractsAudio0 of 8 downloaded---7/14/2009
Business LawNegligence and TortsAudio0 of 8 downloaded---7/14/2009
Utopia and Terror in the 20th CenturyAudio0 of 24 downloaded---7/4/2009
Roots of Human BehaviorAudio0 of 12 downloaded---6/13/2009
Explaining Social DevianceAudio0 of 10 downloaded---6/13/2009
Biological AnthropologyAn Evolutionary PerspectiveAudio0 of 24 downloaded---6/13/2009
Science WarsWhat Scientists Know and How They Know ItAudio0 of 24 downloaded---5/25/2009
Ethics of AristotleAudio0 of 12 downloaded---5/25/2009
History of the BibleThe Making of the New Testament Canon..Audio0 of 12 downloaded---5/25/2009
Particle Physics for Non-Physicists:A Tour of the Microcos..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---5/8/2009
Earth's Changing ClimateAudio0 of 12 downloaded---4/16/2009
American IdealsFounding a "Republic of Virtue"Audio0 of 12 downloaded---4/16/2009
Francis of AssisiAudio0 of 12 downloaded---4/6/2009
Consciousness and Its ImplicationsAudio0 of 12 downloaded---2/24/2009
History of Christian TheologyAudio0 of 36 downloaded---2/24/2009
America and the New Global EconomyAudio0 of 36 downloaded---12/15/2008
Great World ReligionsChristianityAudio0 of 12 downloaded---12/15/2008
Great World ReligionsIslamAudio0 of 12 downloaded---12/15/2008
Great World ReligionsJudaismAudio0 of 12 downloaded---12/15/2008
Great World ReligionsHinduismAudio0 of 12 downloaded---12/15/2008
Great World ReligionsBuddhismAudio0 of 12 downloaded---12/15/2008
New TestamentAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/6/2008
Building Great SentencesExploring the Writer's CraftAudio0 of 24 downloaded---11/6/2008
ArgumentationThe Study of Effective Reasoning, 2nd Editio..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---11/6/2008
Lost ChristianitiesChristian Scriptures and the Battles o..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---11/6/2008
Introduction to the Study of ReligionAudio0 of 24 downloaded---10/21/2008
Mystical TraditionJudaism, Christianity, and IslamAudio0 of 36 downloaded---10/21/2008
A Brief History of the WorldAudio0 of 36 downloaded---9/24/2008
History of the United States, 2nd EditionAudio0 of 84 downloaded---9/24/2008
United States and the Middle East:1914 to 9/11Audio0 of 24 downloaded---9/24/2008
Comparative ReligionAudio0 of 24 downloaded---8/27/2008
After the New TestamentThe Writings of the Apostolic Fath..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---8/21/2008
Great Ideas of PsychologyAudio46 of 48 downloaded4/9/20117/23/2008
Story of Human LanguageAudio0 of 36 downloaded---4/4/2008
Psychology of Human BehaviorAudio36 of 36 downloaded4/10/20114/4/2008
Science and ReligionAudio0 of 12 downloaded---4/4/2008
Tools of ThinkingUnderstanding the World Through Experien..Audio0 of 24 downloaded---3/14/2008